So this is what your pet does all day

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

So this is what your pet does all day

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The past few days have been raining animal photos on social media. As we spend more time at home in these times of corona, many pets are taking advantage of the company with their owners. With the hashtag #QuarantaineCats, people are massively sharing photos and videos online of how this is going. For some quality time, for others a real cat astrophy!

Jessi envisioned the nightmare of many. And the second day didn't go much better.

Quarantine day 2:

— Jessi Davin (@jessithebuckeye) March 18, 2020

< p> They have already understood the message.

#QuarantineCats Ripley and Cassie understand the importance of social distancing.

— Jean Connell (@ JeanConnell9) March 16, 2020

We get distracted at home.

I tried. ....... but it works different with bunnies ...

— NagatoPyon (@Nagato_Pyon) March 16, 2020

“How's nationwide self-quarantine going? ”

— Tom Brady Stan Account (@MatthewFoldi) March 14, 2020

So this virus ? let me know my dog ??doesn't know how to play tic tac toe ?????????

— KWASI BEAST ? (@ Urge2Pose) March 16, 2020

Not everyone thinks quarantine is too much ... < / p>

Henry is not upset about extra head rubs from mom during this quarantine #QuarantineCats

— Kristen Faulkner (@_kristenelise) March 16, 2020

Washing hands is the message, and Alison says no exceptions!

I told him he needs to wash his paws for at least 20 seconds ? He hasn't figured it out yet # QuarantineCats

— Alison Greene (@GrassrootsSpeak) March 16, 2020

Eleanor has understood the message better.

#quarantinecats here's Eleanor reminding me to wash my hands!

— Chris Lowery (@ ChrisLowery1991) March 16, 2020