Soon you will fly from Amsterdam to Sydney within four hours

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Soon you will fly from Amsterdam to Sydney within four hours

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Australia is a beautiful country. Beautiful nature, interesting culture, good weather. Only it takes so ridiculously long to get there. What if we told you that in a while it would be possible to fly to Sydney within four hours. All thanks to a new type of engine. Too bad right?

Five times the speed of sound

We all owe it to the invention of the SABER (Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine) from Reaction Engines. This new engine works on hydrogen, so it's also nice and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the SABER it is possible to take a plane to Mach 5.4. More than five times the speed of sound. For comparison, current aircraft engines come to Mach 3.

The SABER can be used intercontinental flights, also in space travel, where the engine can get Mach 25. Because of the revolutionary way of propulsion, rockets could suddenly get a huge boost, literally. Maybe Mars is not as far away as we thought ...

Endless possibilities with an environmentally friendly engine

The possibilities after that are basically endless. If you fly around the world in no time, you can just take a weekend trip to Buenos Aires. Delicious during the winter months. The tourism industry will be eager for this new invention, which in turn is good news for jobs being created.

Of course, even better news is that, since it is all environmentally friendly, there are no more objections against flying. Traveling also becomes a lot easier and more efficient on your own planet. We also see opportunities for a sushi night in Tokyo, for example. By the way, we will soon have a broad concept, it will take another ten years before we can really fly that fast. We are going to experience it anyway!

New SABER engine brings aircraft to Mach 5.4

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