Spanish court ruled: Surcharge for Ryanair suitcase unlawful

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Spanish court ruled: Surcharge for Ryanair suitcase unlawful

© credits unknown. Spanish judge decides: Surcharge for suitcase Ryanair unlawful

In the past, a small trolley suitcase was allowed to go for free, but if you now fly with Ryanair, you have to pay extra for all baggage that is larger than a handbag. Almost everyone therefore incurs extra costs on top of the ticket price. That is an abuse, a Spanish judge decides.

The passenger who brought the case must get back the 20 euros she had to pay for the transport of her luggage from the budget airline. Not only is the surcharge abusive, the judge finds in Madrid, the rule also violates Spanish and European legislation.

The price for a suitcase varies per destination, but can easily amount to 20 euros per flight . That is sometimes more than the price of the ticket itself. The woman who went to court flew from Madrid to Brussels in January and therefore had to pay 20 euros for just her suitcase. The judge said today that she understood her "anger and powerlessness".

The question is whether more people will go to court and whether that will lead to the same judgment.