Stages you go through when you meet someone familiar

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Stages you go through when you meet someone familiar

© Editors Happy in Shape Stages that you go through when you meet someone you know

You recognize it: you walk in the city, wait for the train or have a drink in a cafe, and suddenly you see it there someone you would rather not see. Below eleven stages that you go through, which are undoubtedly enormously recognizable.

11 Recognizable moments

1. You spot a vague acquaintance (in the supermarket for example).

Such a person that you know a little, but with which you cannot have a conversation.

2. Then you stiffen as you process this observation.

"Oh no, that's the neighbor. Last time she did walk for half an hour ..."

3. Then the panic breaks out, but you stay calm (eyes).

Help! What if he or she comes your way?

4. You shouldn't make the situation worse, so you look away for now.

"Ohhh, a Knorr World Dish ... Interesting !!"

5. You secretly look back (just to be sure).

In the meantime, sweat breaks out.

6. You startle even harder if you suddenly don't see him or her anymore.

Bit like you want to remove a spider, but that it suddenly disappeared.

7. You just walk three steps, but NO! There she is again ...

Fortunately, you have a friend (your phone) with you.

8. Quickly grab your friend Mr. Get there on a mobile phone and look non-stop at it.

Would you like to be confronted with everything? Just go with that banana. With your ears in, you can also isolate yourself auditively! Let them call, you won't "hear" them. Oops!

9. If the coast is safe, choose a not so logical route to your destination.

Are you in the supermarket? Then you walk along the outer walls to the cash register. If you are a city, you grab all the scary alleys like a creep. As long as you don't see her again.

10. Joy! You have successfully avoided him or her!

Great, because you just didn't feel like it.

11. But of course on the way to your bike you are intercepted by a: "Hey!"

"Honey, I'll be home later ... Sorry."