Street artists decorate this Spanish village in honor of local women

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Street artists decorate this Spanish village in honor of local women

© Lonely Planet Street artists decorate this Spanish village in honor of local women

A small village in Spain has had an artistic restyling and is decorated with murals in honor of the local women in the village.

The village of Belorado in the Castilla y Léon region has a special tradition. The bolo beliforiano game is a type of bowling that is played exclusively by women. This is a unique tradition and the local cultural organization StARTer has decided to honor it through street art. The facades of eight houses around the village square, where Bolo Beliforiano used to be played, are decorated with unique murals. According to one of the artists who has been involved in this project, the presence of women in the public space is emphasized in this way.

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Every artist who participated in this project focused on a different aspect of the Tradition-focused StARTer's co-founder, Rogue Fernándes, focused on finding photos that play the bolo beliforiano game, and then painted the 20th-century photos depicting women playing games in the square on the facades.

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The Polish artist NeSpoon has been asked to paint traditional patterns on The rest of the façades: she chose traditional lace motifs designed by nuns from the monastery that used to be in Belorado. "I always try to use local patterns in my murals, if there are any," NeSpoon told the Polish news agency. "I mo talk to the local community and see what kind of patterns are characteristic of the region.

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The photos and patterns shown work together perfectly on the walls. Here a place is created where traditions are restored and communities are built. NeSpoon describes the unveiling of the painted square as a joyous event and where past and present are brought together. "Perhaps some of the older ladies who have started bowling again are the girls of the black-and-white photos depicted on the walls," she says in a statement.

For more information about this project, visit the Instagram page of StArter’s.

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