Successful men do these things on Monday

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Successful men do these things on Monday

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Hooray, it's Monday! You can start a fresh and fruity week again. Are you looking forward to it as we are? Maybe not. That's probably because you don't do the same things as successful men. Fortunately we are not the worst either. We would like to explain to you what rituals such a successful type are.

Monday starts on Sunday evening

The first is generally the busiest day of the week. You have to start all over again and everything that has happened during the weekend will also get something for you. Not so strange that people often look at the first working day with such horror. You can make it a lot easier for yourself if you spend half an hour to hour on Sunday evening preparing. Make sure those pieces are ready, you have found inspiration (if you are in a more creative corner) and that your clothing is ready. Maybe you can even prepare breakfast for that Monday.

Get up on time and sports

We know how difficult it is to get out of bed a little on time, every day is difficult and completely on Monday. We also know that it is even more difficult to exercise right at that moment. But successful men do exactly that. Starting the morning with physical exertion ensures that you feel a lot better the rest of the day. In addition, you don't have to hurry at a sports session at the end of that much too long working day.

Make it easy, start difficult

Look at the list of tasks for today. What is the hardest part? Do that first. After that the rest will be a lot easier. Simple right? Monday will never be that hard again. Who knows, someday it will be your favorite day of the week, even though we may go a little too far now.