'Teach children to look up regularly from the screen'

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

'Teach children to look up regularly from the screen'

© ANP 'Teach children to look up regularly from screens'

UTRECHT (ANP) - Parents who want to protect their children's eyes must teach their child to use monitors wisely. A clear rule of life can prevent a lot of future suffering: the 20-20-2 rule. The Eye Fund has started a campaign to promote the rule. That comes down to the fact that it is good for the eyes to look close after 20 minutes (for example, to a smartphone or tablet) for 20 seconds in the distance.

The two at the end stand for two hours playing outside. Because an even greater culprit than too much screen time is a lack of outside light. "The child's eye adapts to many close-by looks and grows, making distant viewing more difficult. And there is no glasses or treatment that can prevent or cure myopia," warns the Eye Fund.

Due to the current lifestyle for many people the number of cases of severe myopia (myopia) is increasing sharply. "If we don't do anything, myopia will be the main cause of blindness and low vision in 2050."

The real problems only arise later in life, but the seeds are laid in youth. That is why the most profit can be achieved among children and young people.