Tested: This is the best electric bike

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Tested: This is the best electric bike

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What is the best electric bicycle? And which one has the best value for money? NU.nl and the Consumers' Association provide answers.

Electric cycling is becoming increasingly popular. It is of course also very pleasant. You can make cycling as heavy as you want. Do you want to be sporty? Then you turn the support low or off. But do you have to go up a hill or are you fed up with the headwind? Then you just put it a little higher.

The Consumers' Association tests e-bikes on, among other things, electrical support, range and operation and equipment of the bicycle. In total, nearly 400 electric bicycles have been tested and are readily available. Due to the corona crisis, e-bikes may be temporarily less available.

Four e-bikes come out as Best in the Test. We highlight here one of these bicycles (with the lowest target price): an e-bike from Kalkhoff. The bike with the best price-quality ratio is from Cube.

De Kalkhoff Image 5.B Belt BLX 625 Wh. (Photo: De Consumentenbond)

De Kalkhoff is an e-bike with a comfortable sitting position. It has no fixed gears, but a stepless gear. So your gear is never too heavy or too light. With a rotary handle you set the gear to the position you like best.

It has a Bosch Performance Line 3 motor with a 625Wh battery. This quiet motor performs very well. The support feels smooth and the range (distance on full battery) is excellent. Depending on which support you choose and the circumstances, you can achieve about 50 to 125 km on a full battery.

Instead of a chain, it has a belt drive. This is quieter, more durable and easier to maintain. Furthermore, it has good hydraulic disc brakes and wider tires for more comfort.

The Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500. (Photo: De Consumentenbond)

Are you looking for a cheaper model? Then the Cube is a great alternative. This bike is a bit sportier than the Kalkhoff. The sitting position is slightly more bent and the derailleur gear with 10 gears feels more sporty. The chain case is open, so you will have to maintain the chain more often.

Like the Kalkhoff, the Cube has the Bosch Performance Line 3 engine. But with a slightly smaller battery of 500Wh. The range is still very good. Depending on the support you choose and the conditions, you can reach about 40 to 100 km on a full battery.

The Cube also has good hydraulic disc brakes and wider tires for more comfort.

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