"Thanks to my iPhone I caught him in the act"

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The American reporter Jane Slater caught her partner cheating on the basis of his smashing fitbit (an activity tracker, ed.). She saw that her lover - while he was sleeping on the couch with a friend - suddenly became very active at 4 am. For example, there are several who are caught using modern technology. Previously, Lola * told VROUW that thanks to the iPhone app Find my iPhone, she caught her husband in a 'red-handed act'.

© Science Photo Library Lola follows her husband on his phone ... and caught him

the fact that Lola heard through the via gave her the idea. "We are talking about a few years ago, when that app was not yet well known. An acquaintance said that he saw that his wife was in Den Bosch, instead of in their hometown of Haarlem. It turned out that she was leading a double life, including a bag in the back of the car with condoms and clean panties. " old iPhone under the mat in his car. And to charge it, I drove around - with an excuse - in his car with the phone on the battery. "

" For a week I saw no strange movements. But after a week I could tell by the dots that he was leaving the village. My husband had a home business and I knew he had no appointments outside that day. I jumped in my car and hit him like crazy. Two villages further on, he turned off at a parking lot where a woman got into his car. " rushed at them like a savage fury. They jumped half a meter into the air. I grabbed her by her hair and shook it well. I was so angry! Also on him by the way. We have two lovely sons together and one case, why do you risk everything? "

" So I had the evidence in my hands. Then I knew immediately that I had to take steps. I now live with my children in a nice house and am remarried with a sweet and reliable man. My ex lives with her in our old house. "

" I can't forgive him especially the lies, but keep denying that. He destroyed our lives. Yet I am happy that I have taken this action. In retrospect, pretty tough of myself! And to be honest, my life with my new husband didn't get any worse. This story has since become an anecdote. "

* The real name of Lola is known to the VROUW editors.