That way you get your child back to school

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That way you get your child back to school

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WOMAN readers Mariska (39) has a son (8) and a daughter (4) who almost go to primary school. She wonders how she can best prepare her youngest for this. And how is it - for both children - about bed times so close before the schools start? Orthopedagogue Marielle Beckers from Buro Bloei! answers her questions.

"That differs, it depends on what suits you. For some parents, that is cold turkey; nothing to do with preparations. They go up on Monday when the school starts at 7 pm. Then the first school week is fierce, while other parents adjust the bed times the week before school, so you go to bed earlier and you get up earlier. Then you get into the rhythm better and the transition is slower.

For working parents who have children in the after-school, this will play less, since they are - if not on vacation - more or less in the usual rhythm. It would be nice to buy a little drum and some school supplies a week in advance.

Maybe getting a book from the library about going to school I would not emphasize it too much - not too much early about starting - because it's so exciting for them, so if you pay too much attention to it, they get the message it is also exciting.


I notice that it is often more difficult for parents than for children. They need to reassure themselves: after all, their child goes to an environment where the parent has less control and needs to let go.

For older children who go to high school, it is possible help to buy school supplies together. The first weeks are a bit crazy weeks with book collection and introduction. They then come in a bit more gradually. "