That way you recognize the player before it's too late

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

That way you recognize the player before it's too late

© Shutterstock Don't let the player play games with you

You will feel jitters coming up with every message from him. He is charming, funny, always knows exactly what to say. But is that new flame relationship material or just short-term pleasure? You better recognize the player before he plays games with you.

1. He is very confident

He is charming, handsome, makes you laugh all the time and always has the look that makes your knees soak and he knows it all too well. In the meantime, he is still looking around and flirting with other people.

2. He overloads you with compliments

He is sweet and constantly tells you how beautiful you are. He knows exactly how to caress your ego and that is exactly how he tries to win you. Until now they are only words and not deeds. The question is, is he really doing his best for you or is he only stroking his own ego? A 'good guy' may not say much, but his actions show how much he likes you.

3. There are stories about him going around

He has already built up a reputation with women he has already played. He probably also has many exes.

4. Sincere interest

Does he only want to know what your day was like or does he also keep asking? Why was your day so rotten or so much fun? If he is really interested, he keeps asking. Does he only talk about himself or does he think it is okay to talk about you alone?

5. He knows exactly what to say.

Players speak out everywhere. They know exactly how to fool you with compliments and speak out everywhere.

Do you recognize these signals? Then be careful and wait for his actions before you jump into the deep.