The 10 girlfriends that every woman has in her life

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The 10 girlfriends that every woman has in her life

© Tessa Gorgosz The 10 girlfriends that every woman has in her life

Every woman has a number of girlfriends that are probably your opposite - from the one who is always late to the fitness freak. But there is room for everyone. Here are ten types of girlfriends you definitely know.

1. The girlfriend who is too open

Five minutes after your first meeting you knew her favorite sex position, how heavy her menstrual period is, plus her complete relationship history. "Too much sharing" is simply not in her vocabulary.

2. The ongoing disaster

The only person you know who missed a flight "because she went to the wrong airport / arrived a day late at the airport / thought her driver's license is also valid as proof of identity at the customs'.

3. The girlfriend who always knows what to say

Break-up? Did you not get the job? Dream dress sold out in your size? She is the person you can always go to for comfort and advice.

4. The gossip aunt

She is the first to know who is sleeping with whom and is happy to share her information with others. You act as if you are above everything else, but you secretly love the juicy details.

5. The friend who is always first on the dance floor

You need a few drinks to get moving, but she is the first on the dance floor. Even when it's empty. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon ...

6. The fitness freak

She drinks mocktails, never misses a gym session, and always trains with a goal. It is staggering.

7. The girlfriend who always looks good

She has a figure that you say 'U' to and could even make a supermarket uniform stylish. And, although you are sometimes a bit 'jealous', you admire her enormously. Because: free fashion advice.

8. The girlfriend who never listens

You can have a super long conversation with her about something, but the next time you bring it up, she doesn't remember anything.

9. The person who must ALWAYS borrow money

We all know someone. She spends her wages as soon as she gets it and "forgets" her wallet when you go out to dinner with her.

10. The sassy girlfriend

Challenge her for everything and she will accept it. She has guts and she doesn't go down without a fight. We should all look more like her. Dot out.