The 5 principles of a happy relationship according to Jan Geurtz

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The 5 principles of a happy relationship according to Jan Geurtz

© Shutterstock This is how you can find love in its purest form.

There are few things that concern humans as much as love. It is the most common topic of conversation between girlfriends and a quest that lasts our entire lifetime. Fortunately there is Jan Geurtz, the love doctor who can guide us in finding love in the purest form.

In his book Liberated by Love, Jan Geurtz explains the 5 principles of a happy relationship:

1. Develop a good relationship with yourself

Jan Geurtz explains in his books how our birth taught us that love and recognition come from others. Later in our lives we learn that when our happiness depends on the other, we feel lost if it suddenly disappears. That is why we try to prevent this as much as possible with the consequences that entails. We draw up rules that narrow the love relationship. When you learn to realize that love comes from yourself and you do not have to claim it from someone else, you will receive pure love.

2. Allow space

Allow each other space, then love will continue to flow more easily. When happiness depends on the relationship, there is a pressure that can cloud love.

3. Keep communicating

When you feel fears and notice that you feel less secure in your relationship then you can better talk about this with each other. It is quite normal to seek reassurance from each other, perhaps your partner will feel the same.

4. Embrace your fear

When you give each other space, distance can also arise and that can be frightening. You may be afraid that you will get a divorce, your partner may fall in love with someone else, or you may grow apart. Admit your fear and share it with your partner. The more you fight against it, the greater your fear becomes.

5. Choose each other each day

Realize that your partner is not there forever and cherish every day that your partner is part of your life. This way you avoid the obvious. Only then will you continue to listen to each other and give each other attention and love.