The alarm clock is back and these are the most beautiful examples

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The alarm clock is back and these are the most beautiful examples

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It is now generally known that we have to keep our phone out of the bedroom if we want to sleep better. Without realizing it, you can scroll through your Instagram feed for half an hour longer in the evening. But then how else do you wake up early in the morning? The old-fashioned alarm clock, of course. Nowadays it is completely hip again and there are a lot of great copies to be found.

Ordinary alarm clock

There are of course the high-tech alarm clocks that make coffee for you when you wake up or for which you has to run around the room before it stops, but we're not talking about that. No, just an alarm clock. One that goes off in the morning and that's about it. Maybe he still has a radio function. This time it is mainly about the design, because it looks a lot more stylish and mature to have a nice alarm clock next to the bed.

Minimalist design

Very nice ones for example, the Gingko or Karlsson alarm clocks. They look no more than wooden blocks with - when you switch them on - the digital time display. Very minimalistic and therefore ideal for a quiet bedroom. In terms of price, you can think of about forty euros each. For sale online at Bol, Fonq or De Bijenkorf.

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If you both want an alarm clock, a few bucks each might be too much of a good thing. Of course you have to test it first. Fortunately, there are also beautiful specimens that also look beautiful. Actually you have two options, digital or an old-fashioned bubble alarm model. You can find both of these for a few euros at shops like the Hema or Blokker.


Everything we found terribly ugly ten years ago is now completely hip again. We are a strange people all together. Vintage alarm clocks have also made a comeback. There are hundreds of models of clock radios on the internet that seem to come from the fifties or sixties. If you search a bit well, these are also fine to find. The new old alarm clocks are slightly more expensive, ranging from around 50 to 200 euros.

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