The best last-minute Halloween costumes

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The best last-minute Halloween costumes

© Getty The best last-minute Halloween costumes

Oh shit. What's the date? 31? Serious? Yes, it's Halloween. That means that you are very late in choosing a costume for that party. And everyone will be dressed as a Joker this year, so forget it. But don't start crying right away, because we have the solution. We proudly present: The JFK guide for super easy Halloween costumes! You should be able to get out of here in fifteen minutes or so.

Reservoir Dog / Blues Brother / Man in Black

Dark suit, white shirt, dark tie, sunglasses. Ready. This is so easy that it is almost too easy. But we do not dare to say that here at the editorial office there has not been just one person who ever went to a Halloween party like this.


No real Halloween without ghost. You do have white sheets in the house, right? Otherwise your mother will probably have them. Call me. We'll wait. If they no longer need to be used after the party, cut holes in it. Otherwise looking through it becomes difficult. Oh yes, watch out that when you drape a sheet over yourself, you don't end up with a dot on the head. Then such a white sheet quickly gets a different kind of load. And a very different kind of party.


This is the easiest but takes a little more time. Maintain your own coffee. Apply a little fake blood to your chin. Go to the party and get completely screwed up. As the evening progresses, the amount of alcohol in your system will make you look more and more like a zombie.

Grab a random job and put the word "slutty" in front of it.

Your own job for example. Unless you are a prostitute, you don't necessarily have to use that word. But slutty junior account manager, on the other hand ...

You see. Can you still just go to the Halloween party without being ashamed of how little you have done to your costume.