The best tips for a really clean toilet

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The best tips for a really clean toilet

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Who drinks 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day, goes to the toilet about eight times a day to urinate. The big message is added to this: you should consider how often you actually visit the smallest room in the house in one day. This way you ensure a hygienically clean toilet.

A big misunderstanding is that the toilet must be disinfected, says Jaap Niezen, trainer within the professional cleaning industry and owner of the website Cleaning Guru. "That doesn't even happen in the hospital. Good cleaning removes 98 percent of the micro-organisms."

'Clean with little'

According to Niezen, the best means is simply a good sanitary cleaner. No all-purpose cleaner. "It cleans everything, but does not clean everything. That is not the same: cleaning is the action, but that is not what removes the pollution."

The cleaning expert does not recommend cola or turned out to be. "Coke would descale, but if it was intended as a cleaning agent, it would be on that shelf. Bleached the dirt, but does not remove it."

He uses a folded microfibre cloth for cleaning so that he can use a clean surface for each part. "With microfibre you also remove the micro-organisms."

The microfibre cloth then goes into the washing machine at a minimum of sixty degrees. Otherwise it will no longer work properly. "You should only use a small amount of detergent .. The golden tip: clean with little."

How do you clean the toilet?

The correct order is the most important cleaning the toilet bowl, says Niezen. Otherwise, it will be dirtier after cleaning than before.

First of all, Sneezing flushes the toilet so that it starts clean and does not accidentally dip the toilet brush in urine residues. Then he brushes the inside of the toilet with sanitary cleaner and leaves the brush in the toilet.

"Then start with a cleaning cloth by the flush button, then go over the top of the lid, the bottom of the lid, the top of the seat, the bottom of the seat, the outside of the toilet bowl and then the top edge of the toilet bowl. "

Then brush the bowl well again , he flushes the toilet and with it the brush. "And finally, you put the tiles around the toilet bowl."

Food scraps, tampons and sanitary towels in the toilet

Whoever wants to keep their toilet clean does not throw any leftovers or frying fat through it, says Camil Hack, owner of

"Food scraps are often greasy and attach to the toilet, making it dirty and giving you a greasy film on the water. grease, such as when you rinse deep-frying fat down the drain, it can get stuck there and you will get it in the future or immediately get a blockage. in the toilet at home. "It causes a lot of unblocking. It gets stuck, sticks and eventually it accumulates."

For those who are already too late, it can help to soda once in a while flush. Prefer unblocker. "That is extremely aggressive and eats away glue. It is a mess and a stay of execution."