The danger of homemade hand cleaning gels

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The danger of homemade hand cleaning gels

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Now that people are increasingly worried about the corona virus, the disinfecting hand gel flies off the shelves. It will only become more difficult to obtain in the coming period and become more expensive. In the meantime countless recipes appear on the internet and on YouTube for homemade hand gel. But is it safe to make your own disinfectant hand gel?

If disinfectant hand gel is made the right way it can be effective. Make sure that your hand gel consists of at least 60 percent alcohol. Hand gels with a lower alcohol percentage may not kill all viruses and bacteria or only inhibit their growth.

However, the most common problem with homemade cleansing gel is that they do not contain sufficient emollients that protect your skin against alcohol . This allows your skin to dry out and become irritated or even damaged. Then follow an official manual, such as the one from the World Health Organization, if you want to make safe hand cleansing gel.

Source: CNN