The five smartest and most beautiful household helpers

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The five smartest and most beautiful household helpers

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The Huishoudbeurs has started and that means enough inspiration to tidy up, clean and brighten up your house. Unfortunately it doesn't get any nicer, but we can make the household a lot easier. How? Vtwonen lists five smart and beautiful household helpers.

Robot vacuum cleaner

No sense or little time to vacuum? Take a robot vacuum cleaner that does the work for you. The range of robot vacuum cleaners is large: from basic robots to one with lasers and cameras that sucks up dirt and dust in the smallest corners. Look carefully at the different options and determine which robot vacuum cleaner best suits your needs.

Waste separation trash can

Waste separation is a lot easier with a waste separation trash can, also known as a duo waste bin. These waste bins are specially designed for waste separation and therefore have several inner bins. Consider in advance which types of waste you want (or must) separate. This way you can determine how many inner bins you need and how many liters the waste bin must be. The more types of waste you separate, the more inner bins you need. But, such an inner bucket will fill up a lot less quickly if it only collects plastic or old paper, which means that your waste bin does not have to be as large again.

Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner effectively removes bacteria and dirt without chemicals. Great for your home and the environment. Most cleaners are warmed up within a few minutes so that you can get started quickly. You can also often choose from different attachments and accessories, so that you can use the steam cleaner for multiple surfaces. This way you can easily clean the floor, the plumbing, the hob and even the windows!

Electric window wiper

The ultimate purchase for anyone who hates washing windows: an electric window wiper . The window wiper quickly ensures streak-free clean windows, without having to put a lot of effort into it. Spray some cleaning agent on the windows with the spray bottle and then vacuum clean them with the cleaner. Not only useful for windows, but also for mirrors and other smooth surfaces.

Flower subscription

Flowers are the icing on the cake for your household: they brighten up any room. Are you fond of flowers, but do you not always have time to bring them home? Then take a flower subscription, for example at Bloomon, Miss Bloem or Weekly Flower. Whether you go for a bouquet, bunch of roses or a masterpiece by a flower artist, you always have fresh flowers at home. Place the bunch in a beautiful vase or divide the flowers into small vases and complete your tidy house.