The last time: "We have never seen each other naked"

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The last time:

© Grazia The last time: "We have never seen each other naked"

Annegreet (22) has a relationship with Hans (25). They remain a virgin until their marriage in October. On Sunday they had the last - almost - sex.

Sexual tension

"Yes, I have had a relationship for three years and am still a virgin. In my environment, that is not so much I live in the so-called Bible Belt, my family and all my friends are strictly Christian, of course there is a lot of messing around 'in the bushes', girls suddenly get married when they are 16 or 17 and the first child becomes official after six months then hey - born. I don't want to take that risk, because birth control is not allowed and I am not going to buy condoms. Our wedding night must be very special. Hans and I really do have sexual tension. just have sex, especially if they live in rooms like Hans. But he never did anything. Well, except with me. "


" Besides kissing and feeling a little We went a few steps further, last Sunday, and of course we are not allowed to sleep together, but we are often during the day the two of you. Hans and I went cycling through the forest. We stopped at a big tree for a drink, and we both knew what was going to happen. First kiss, and then my hand on his pants. Hans is excited very quickly, almost always has a stiff one when we kiss. I usually jerk him off and he fingers me. But the strange thing is, we have never seen each other completely naked. Sometimes he opens my blouse while fingering, or he wants to see my vagina. Hans likes everything, but had asked me if I wanted to trim my pubic hair. I did that on Saturday. First trimmed, but I didn't like that. "

Pot of gold

" In the end I shaved everything off. I found the idea of ??showing that to Hans very exciting. So while kissing, I also got very excited. I felt his hand slide down my back, over my buttocks. He pulled up my skirt. His hands went forward. And then they stopped. Hans looked questioningly at me and ducked his head down to his knees. Put my panties aside. I will never forget that look on Hans's face; as if he had just found a pot of gold, haha ??.. He had never troubled me before, I always thought that was going too far. I mean, then the step to sex is really very small. But he grabbed my thighs and his head came closer to my vagina. He looked at me and I nodded. How nice that was. First I felt his tongue on my labia and then his nose. He wanted to smell me. He always does that after fingering, it excites him extra. He smelled me and licked me while he pulled himself off. Yes, he came very quickly. And then me too, through his mouth and fingers. Fortunately we are almost getting married, because I can't wait to go all the way. "

Text: Agnes Hofman Image: iStock