The magic of Bali: 6 reasons why you should visit Bali

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The magic of Bali: 6 reasons why you should visit Bali

The temples, the beaches, the rice fields, the delicious food: the Indonesian island of Bali is a true paradise. We therefore give you six reasons why you should visit Bali.

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Bali has something magical

Bali has something special. You feel it as soon as you get off the plane. The faint scent of incense, the blooming flowers and the waving palm trees. A procession with traditionally dressed Balinese just coming from a side street. Of course, Bali is no longer undiscovered paradise. But outside the famous tourist places you feel the relaxed atmosphere, everywhere you see traces of Balinese culture and the lush interior is an oasis of green.

Green, greener, greenest

How green, you only see that during a mountain bike tour through the Balinese interior. Amazing: the many vast green rice fields, worked by old men with traditional hats. On the bike you pass places where you normally do not come. You pass villages, simple houses and beautifully carved temples. The tourist crowds of the coast are just as far away. This is Bali from the booklets!

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The rice fields of Bali

So you can't get around it when you are in Bali: the rice fields. Fields of "steps" full of bright green rice plants as far as you can see. You can visit the rice fields yourself or go on a tour, then you immediately learn a lot about rice cultivation in Bali.

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Surfing, sunbathing and snorkeling

< p> You should definitely not miss the beaches of Bali when visiting the island. For example, go to Dreamland Beach, Uluwatu Beach and White Sand Beach to sunbathe, read a book, and poodle in the water. Or go surfing or snorkeling and look your eyes underwater for colored corals, turtles and fish of all shapes and sizes.

Sun lover? Visit Bali

Did you know that the sun shines on Bali about twelve hours a day? The days are nice and long and the temperatures rise between 25 and 30 degrees in the summer. Great stay! The rainy season starts in October and lasts until April, but the heat remains.

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Local delicacies

Fruit bowls, avocado dishes, Indonesian food, local delicacies, rice tables and lots of fresh fruit: on Bali you will find good food everywhere . Even on the street, at food stalls called warongs. Bali is also a paradise for vegans and vegetarians.

Beautiful and affordable hotels in Bali

One of the nicest things about a trip to Bali are the affordable dream hotels that you can book there. If you go there, have a look at Hotel Maya Ubud. A luxury hotel in the middle of the rice fields, including spa and beautiful tropical garden. "Breathtaking swimming pools, super massages with a view over the river and incredibly tasty breakfast," says Anita van Loon. Prefer the beach? Sol Beach House Benoa in Nusa Dua looks beautiful and gets a whopping 9. Bali is also an ideal holiday destination with children. Balinese also love children, so they can count on enough attention!