The moment when most people cry during a wedding

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The moment when most people cry during a wedding

© Tessa Gorgosz The moment when most people cry during a wedding

Weddings are quite emotional - from the moving speeches to the first dance. There are many times when most of us have to shed tears. But have you ever wondered what is the moment when most cry during the special day?


Wedding insurance company Protectivity investigated 1,000 people to find out at which moments we get the most emotional during a wedding.

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Lost friend

It appears that the main reason for the tears is seeing a long-lost friend or family member. For example, 37.72% of the participants indicate that this is the moment that they need a tissue. Of course the ceremony is also high on the list. For example, 36.03% indicated that they had to cry while exchanging the vows. And 35.73% become emotional when the bride walks to the altar.


There are also moments that attract our attention less. For example, 31.74% of the participants were most likely to check their phones due to boredom during the evening program and 28.34% while eating.

Special day

But it is clear that people love weddings. From seeing friends and family members to sharing the experience on Instagram. The day is all about love and nothing is so nice to be involved in this.