The most beautiful wooden tables in the picture

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The most beautiful wooden tables in the picture

A beautiful wooden table can mean a great improvement to your interior. Especially if you opt for a unique specimen with a robust appearance. Nice for a country-style interior, but the examples that you will soon see will also come out of the picture with a modern interior or one with an industrial touch. We have made a selection for you from the work of the experts from Woodlovesyou & more from Breda. You can count on finding a table that really appeals to you, so take a quick look.

Real tree trunks

© homify / Woodlovesyou & more Real tree trunks

The great thing about most of the tables that we show you is that real tree trunks have been used for the tabletop. Not too finished and polished, but just a robust and honest wooden table top. For a tough rural interior a beautiful eye-catcher, but if you look at this beautiful dining table then you probably understand that it will certainly not look out of place in a modern interior. And the great thing about a table like this is that it can be combined with many different types of chairs.

Coffee table

© homify / Woodlovesyou & more Coffee table

Not only dining tables can be found in the assortment of these specialists, you can also come to them for a nice coffee table. Here too we see a sturdy table in the picture: a thick wooden table top with a solid black painted base. A combination that also works great. And that fits perfectly with the eclectic interior of the living room where this table can be found.

Side table

© homify / Woodlovesyou & more Side table

We go around all categories of tables and see a beautiful side table that can also be a great eye-catcher in your room as a decorative element. This is a wooden block with a fantastic color scheme. An absolute must!

The most unique table?

© homify / Woodlovesyou & more The most unique table?

Some nice examples have already passed, but this is perhaps the most unique table that we can show you in this article! A beautiful large tree has ensured that a very special table top has been created in one piece. We have to admit that the holes in the table may not be that handy from a practical point of view, but this is of course unique and this can be a great eye-catcher in your home.


© homify / Woodlovesyou & more Atmosphere

On this photo you see a beautiful dining table with a matching bench. But apart from the table, we are also sure that you can taste the atmosphere here. This photo gives a beautiful picture of how you can stylishly incorporate such furniture into your interior. Everything seems to have been brought into a wonderful balance here. Maybe a good idea to save this photo for inspiration!

Outdoor tables

© homify / Woodlovesyou & more Outdoor tables

The Woodlovesyou & more professionals not only supply tables for your interior, but outdoor tables are also possible. You can see beautifully here again how nice that can be! We do, however, recommend that you put the table inside in the winter so that you can fully enjoy it again the following summer. By the way, we like to sit down in this garden, there will probably be a lot of fun summer evenings.

Stool or table

© homify / Woodlovesyou & more Stool or table < p>

We end this fun overview with this stool or table that is such a very nice decorative element. With this you can see again that at Woodlovesyou & more from large to small everything can be found in the field of tables and furniture. Do you want to know with what nice accessories you can further complement your interior? Then take a look at this article!