The most bizarre demands of celebs on vacation

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The most bizarre demands of celebs on vacation

© Marie Claire The most bizarre demands of celebs on vacation

When you book a hotel for your vacation, it makes sense that you have certain requirements: a double bed, air conditioning in the room and close to the beach for example. However, the wishes of celebs go much further than that. From a personal lift boy to brand new or own toilet seats. We list the most remarkable ones for you:

1. Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl was once welcomed by Hempel Hotel in London with a room full of orchids, six bowls of fresh fruit and scented candles worth 1,000 euros. Moreover, her favorite pastries and a nice bottle of champagne were ready. You would say this was the warmest welcome ever, but Victoria couldn't appreciate it. The champagne was from the Ruinart brand and she preferred Cristal.

2. Kanye West

He has someone to carry his suitcases, so why not someone who presses the lift button in front of him? In addition, Kanye requires his bodyguards to always wear black clothing. And do the drivers wear synthetic clothing? Then Kanye does not get in.

3. Beyoncé

Her daughter Blue Ivy would sleep best in a room that smells of rose petals and where it is exactly 26 degrees; so those are the first demands of Queen Bey. Furthermore, she wants for herself that Alkaline water of exactly 21 degrees is present and straws worth 800 euros each with which she can drink it.

4. Madonna

Once the singer asked for a completely new interior in her hotel room. Among other things, he was repainted and new furniture was purchased. The renovation cost no less than 20,000 euros, while the Queen of Pop only stayed one night.

5. Jennifer Lopez

Everything must be white in a room where the singer is staying, from the furniture to the carpet and the flowers. In addition, she brings her own toilet seat that she has been made bacteria-free beforehand. After all, her buttocks are insured for around 27 million dollars, so she'd better be careful.

6. Justin Timberlake

Every two hours the door knobs in the hotel where Justin is staying have to be cleaned because of his slight fear of stain. If that doesn't happen, he demands that someone opens the doors for him.

7. Mariah Carey

In her hotel room, she demands twenty humidifiers, because she prefers to sleep in a rainforest environment. Outside the room she only goes out with at least eleven bodyguards, so she stands out as little as possible. Yes.

Source: Grazia | Image: BSR