The nicest fireplaces open a row!

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The nicest fireplaces open a row!

Now that the winter season has started and the cold and cold days have arrived, you may need a cozy, warm and stylish fireplace. Of course we will look directly at the work of our experts at the editors of homify in such a case to compile a nice overview for you. Let yourself be inspired by this and perhaps you will install a fireplace in your living room this fall. That may be a "real" copy, but it is certainly also a possibility to opt for a version with gel burners. Take a quick look!


The first model we can show you is mainly minimalistic. A very nice item that also shows a nice classic edge. Ideal to use in a modern home, but also in older houses where there is no fireplace (anymore), an ideal way to ensure that there is a super nice fireplace. This is incidentally a 'real' flue, therefore, is desirable.

Classic and rustic

With the second fireplace or, more precisely, a wood-burning stove, we go much more in the rustic and classical direction. If you are looking for an interior for a spacious log cabin, then of course you can get a lot of inspiration from this. And if you have a nice home like this abroad, then such a heater should certainly not be missing!

The wow effect

© homify / Mutsaers Leather flooring The wow effect

Some fireplaces just know how to achieve the wow effect. And that certainly applies to the combination of this interior and this beautiful fireplace. What a fantastic wall has been placed here and what a beautiful atmosphere has also been created here in this living room. Obviously pay attention to the very cool concrete staircase with integrated lighting.

Absolutely eclectic

© homify / guido anacker photographie Absolutely eclectic < p>

If you now look in this living room, you will come across a whole that can be called eclectic. A rustic interior that is complemented by a modern fireplace with a robust concrete base. A beautiful combination that certainly appeals to the imagination. Pay attention here to the nice furniture that has been selected!

Of everything

Also this fireplace (or also better again to speak of a wood-burning stove) may be called eclectic, or simply put very simply: in terms of style it is anything! It is also nice to use such a basket with wood as a nice decorative tool. If you want to know more about that, you can also go here.

Back to modern

After a few copies that more rustic or eclectic in nature, we return to a modern fireplace. And here again in such an entourage where you almost get your hands on! By the way, do you also see how nice the possibility has been created here to ensure that you can store the wood stock? Another thing to lick your fingers on ...

Fireplace with a twist

© homify / Diligence International Ltd Fireplace with a twist

This fireplace, again the last in this overview, falls in our opinion under the category fireplace with a twist. A very nice design that has come to look like a nice round sphere. A large fireplace is superfluous in this case, although it must be ensured that a flue is installed. The latter is primarily a consideration that you have to make: should your fireplace be primarily decorative in nature or, above all, also give off heat? Think again about this when you review this overview!