The parenting issue: quit ballet?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The parenting issue: quit ballet?

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Floor's four-year-old daughter was eager to play ballet. The package was purchased, the lessons paid. And now she goes there crying and reluctantly every time. What to do?

She expected her daughter to love the dance lessons. Sure, the first time would be exciting, but after that she would flutter enthusiastically every week, Floor thought: "Unfortunately, after four lessons, Mirthe is still not thawed. She wants me to stay with every lesson - that is not allowed teacher - she barely participates in the dancing She usually sits on the floor while the rest of the children jump through the room and hop in. In the last lesson I almost had to peel her off my lower leg, she kept crying and got on with me I don't understand this at all, she really wanted to go to ballet. Now I doubt: should I let her stop classes or continue? I also want to teach Mirthe that sometimes she has to keep going ... " 'At that age children cannot estimate what a sport really means'

A child of 4 doing a sport or activity can be fun, but it is also quite early, says Annelies Bobeldijk of WOW! Parenting coaching: "Even if your child is nagging for months or if she can please dance or football, at that age she still cannot estimate what that really means: being faithful every week, doing what the teacher says and without mommy in the That's pretty exciting, she suddenly comes into the big world. I think it might be too early for her. She has to do so much already: go to school, listen to mommy and daddy, eat her bread ... a sport after they have finished their swimming lessons, so at a later age. I would advise her to stop her ballet. "

" You can agree that she will try one more time "

And what about then continue to learn? Does Floor not grow huge slack like that? That is not so bad, says education coach Bobeldijk: "Learning to persevere is not yet realistic at the age of four. It must remain fun, otherwise you will force it. For a child of 7, for example, it is very different. Then you can say: we have lessons have already been paid, you can finish this year, you can arrange with a toddler that you will try it one more time and if it still doesn't work, then you will stop making it clear to your child that dance lessons are really not going to be there for now, not even in two months. And after that you can frolic in her dance suit in front of the TV with K3 on it. "

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