The sad disappointment of presents

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The sad disappointment of presents

© 123RF The sad disappointment of presents

Hundreds of millions of people are busy buying presents in December. They spend tens of billions. The intention is - presumably - that it will make us happier.

Giving gifts can give your happiness a real boost in certain circumstances. According to research, the happiness effect of getting is almost always disappointing. If you are happy with what you have received, then that effect is very temporary. After hours the idea gets used that you now have an XX. And with that habituation the feeling of happiness ebbs away.

Experiences have a greater effect on our happiness than stuff. Going somewhere with nice people brings a longer happiness experience than a gift. It provides interaction, you can look back on it later and also tell others about that fun outing.

And research shows that it doesn't have to be an expensive expedition to the North Pole, or a concert of an overpriced one artist. A joint city walk can also contribute to your happiness. Or - in the summer - a visit to a park or nature. For city people in general, a visit to nature is good for them. Deep down we are people who belong in the forest and on the savannah. We have only been in cities for a very short time and on the inside we like being home again.

Source (s): Fastcompany