The striking colors of true paint masters

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The striking colors of true paint masters

That paint is not just paint, is proven by the special colors that the paint masters of Pure & Original from Lelystad make. Personal, eye-catching and warm tones that can give your interior a unique character. Of course we would like to show you some nice examples of that! And the hip interiors that you get to see can also immediately bring you all kinds of fun style ideas. So take a moment to take a look at this interesting overview and choose the colors that you would like to use in your interior.

The fair at

© homify / Pure & Original The trade show at

In this article we show you a number of interiors that have been specially set up for a trade show. And those model interiors look like they've got a ring! The striking purple color, which officially listens to the name Allium, is certainly daring, but can really make a difference in a modern interior. And even in a more classically inspired environment, this special color can create a very nice twist. So one to remember!

Blue and orange

© homify / Pure & Original Blue and orange

Blue and orange: it provides a "royal" combination! And as you can see here, this can have a spectacular effect on a sanitary room! Nice for the bathroom, but maybe even nicer in the toilet. Especially the beautiful depth of the colors is so beautiful and unique to see. Precisely that is a good reason to choose the paint from these experts instead of the "standard" colors that you can find in the hardware store.

In the kitchen

© homify / Pure & Original In the kitchen

You undoubtedly know the statement that colors "curse". In the case of this arrangement you could certainly say that, but these colors fit together very well in one way or another. Especially in a room like the kitchen it is good to look for the balance in a special way. In the kitchen it can sometimes be a bit more daring color scheme, but that is certainly found here.

Once again!

© homify / Pure & Original Once again!

We'll show you the same kitchen again. But now it is true that we now mainly focus on the beautiful contrast of black in combination with the bright red. As it is also described on the photo itself: powerful red kitchen with contrasting black.

Eclectic sleeping

© homify / Pure & Original Eclectic sleeping

This bedroom is a wonderful example of a space where eclectic sleeping is possible. This color combination is not executed with paint alone, but it has also been decided to use a very nice wallpaper on the wall. Also note the colors used here: can you see that the floor and the bedding together form the three basic colors? A wonderful dynamic solution!

Gray and blue

© homify / Pure & Original Gray and blue

Gray and (clear) blue can together form a beautiful combination. You can see that clearly shown here. Pure & Original calls this modest gray, we ourselves are more inclined to talk about cool gray. Do you agree with us? Again it appears here that blue is an excellent color for a sanitary room.

Special bath

© homify / Pure & Original Special bath

We conclude with the bathroom that you just saw in the picture. Here too orange turns out to play a role as a supporting color, but you see something else: a very special bath! If you choose something like this, then you certainly have a beautiful entourage to enjoy. And do you want to enjoy even more colors from these experts? Don't miss this great article!