The upbringing issue: my daughter is catty

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The upbringing issue: my daughter is catty

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Iris is a bit worried about her five year old daughter. The girl has quite a sharp tongue and is regularly catty to girlfriends. Does she have to do something about it?

The fact that her daughter does not say goodbye and can come out spicy, is no surprise to Iris. "But since Keet is at school and also has girlfriends, I really notice how often she is catty to her other children. I notice that when I hear her playing with peers, I hear her say, for example:" No, you don't look beautiful in that dress. " And a school mother had also made a comment about it. I am afraid that children will no longer want to deal with her. How do I teach my daughter to dampen her sharp tongue? "

" Try to discover what is behind her behavior is hidden '

There is another question that children's coach Janina Dubbeld of children's coach De Vuurtoren would first pay attention to. "It is probably not your daughter's intention to be catty at all. Something is causing her to behave in this way. I would try to discover what is behind her behavior. Is she tired and therefore has a shorter fuse? Is there something she worries about and causes her to experience tensions? Is there something going on within the family or at school that could perhaps make a five-year-old girl feel less comfortable? I believe in the innocence of children and that "I really don't want to do the basics catalyzed. So I would first investigate and exclude these things."

"We all want our child to fall into the group nicely"

Follow a good example, says the children's coach: " See if you, as a mother, can be a better example in quieter communication, and finally, I would let my child experience in a mild way that it's nice when people are sweet and patient with you and that she can be that towards others. " The fear that other children no longer want to play with your offspring lies entirely with the parents themselves, says Dubbeld.

"Preschool children are not so concerned with that. So leave this fear in your actions. No matter how difficult , because we all want our child to fall into the group nicely, but to keep it pure, and therefore effective, it is important that you keep this separate. Examine in yourself what that mother's remark did to you. you want children to learn how to turn, walk and read, as well as learn socio-emotional skills, so give them the chance. "

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