The wrong reasons for getting married

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The wrong reasons for getting married

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Marrying someone is something we sometimes dream of for the rest of our lives. Yet that dream can often end up as a nightmare if we get married for the wrong reasons. Therefore, think carefully about your real motivation. If your reasons fit in the lists below, you can make a big mistake by getting married.


Do you want to get married because you are afraid what will happen if you don't get married? Unfortunately, this can lead to an unsuccessful marriage. Consider, for example, the following reasons:

All my friends are getting married and I'm afraid I'll be the only one left later. I'm afraid I will never get another chance if I don't do it now. I want to live a more stable life. I am afraid that my partner will leave me if we do not get married. I never want to look for a partner again by continuous dating.


Uncertainty can also motivate you to get married. Although there are similarities with fear, the following reasons are mainly related to uncertainty:

My partner is completely in love with me and makes me feel that I am special and wanted (without being equally in love with him or her) I am an adult and by marrying I prove that. By marrying I show that I am wanted. I am lonely and by marrying that feeling will hopefully go away.


You can getting married because it suits you and makes your life easier, but it can ultimately give you a lot of headache if you get married for the following reasons:

Getting married is the next logical step in our relationship, so I might as well do it .There are all sorts of legal benefits that I can enjoy when I am married. I am ready for a honeymoon and the wedding gifts can do no harm. My family will be much nicer when I am married.

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