There are a lot of things that women are better at than men: we name 11

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There are a lot of things that women are better at than men: we name 11

© Mauritius / HH There are a lot of things that women are better at than men: we call it 11

Yes, women have more empathy than men and they probably keep their house clean, but there are also countless not so typically female things they are better at.

Women are smarter

Recently, the IQ of women in the Western world has been on average half a point higher than that of men. The difference is expected to be even greater.

Girls perform better at school

Meanwhile, girls perform at least 60 percent better at school than boys. This applies to primary and secondary school as well as to higher education.

Women fall ill less quickly

The immune system of women is better. This makes them less often and less ill. That's because they are more often exposed to sick children.

Women can drive better

As a Western man, you are 77 percent more likely to die due to a traffic accident. The difference between the sexes does become smaller over the years.

Women can handle money better

Women are less likely to be in debt than men. They also do less impulse purchases.

Women are better investors

Because they take less risk, women achieve 2.3 to 4.6 percent more return than men when they start investing.

Women can read better

They use more areas of the brain to read than men, making them better at it.

Women lie lessMen tell an average of 1,092 lies per year, women 728. Men boast more often to caress their egos, women lie to hide things.

Women are less likely to become addicted

Men are about twice as often addicted to gambling, alcohol or drugs. Women take more sleeping pills and tranquilizers than men.

Women laugh more

Research shows that women laugh as much as 70 percent more than men.

< p> Women have more empathy

Women have more mirror neurons in their brains so they can empathize better with other people.

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