These 4 challenges make Residential Day a lot more fun

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These 4 challenges make Residential Day a lot more fun

© Editors Marie Claire These 4 challenges make Woningsdag a lot more fun

This year, the Oranjebond has renamed King's Day to Woningsdag. They even built a whole program around it (see here), which is mainly early in the morning. Therefore a few alternative Woningsdag activities, which are challenging and exciting.

1. The King's Song Challenge: the King's Song on repeat in the video call

The idea is simple, but the implementation is one for the real persists. Start a video call with your friends, put the King song on repeat and whoever remains in the video call has won Woningsdag. Agree a prize to be won with your friends in advance, so that there is really something at stake. (Noise canceling headphones are obvious ...)

2. The Prince Pils Challenge

In the past, King Willem Alexander was also known as Prince Pils. In fact, you can only honor him by deciding once and for all who will be the official Prince Pils of your group of friends.

3. The Orange Walls Challenge

The walls of your house are probably white, but how can a Residential Day ever become something without orange walls? So get started and enjoy your orange wall afterwards. Tuesday whitening again. That way you will get through the new home stay week ...

4. The Netflix Challenge

And then also one for whom that whole Woningsdag (or King's Day) can be stolen. The very challenging Netflix Challenge: get up, have breakfast, close curtains or blinds, grab chips, pizza or whatever you want, connect Netflix and eventually go back to bed.