These 5 tricks will improve your concentration

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These 5 tricks will improve your concentration

© Editorial Marie Claire These 5 tricks will improve your concentration

Perhaps the biggest threat to your productivity is the lack of concentration. You are easily distracted and must do your best to keep your attention and to get the best out of your day. These five tricks help with this:

1. Drawing

Most people see drawing as a bad habit and a waste of their time. However, research shows that it can be a tool to think better and an exercise to keep your focus. It helps you relax and keeps you productive and creative. Ideas come to mind faster while making a drawing.

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2. Make a not-to-do list

We all know the famous to-do list, but the not-to-do list is still unknown to most. Such a list helps you not to do nonsense things. So get rid of those bad habits, procrastination and endless social media.

3. Do something different

If you have been working for a while and your concentration is diminishing, then do something else. After a quick walk or a chat with your colleague you are fresh to continue with what you were doing.

4. Chew on chewing gum

Chewing has been proven to improve productivity and focus. In addition, it also gives you a breath of fresh air!

5. Meditating

Meditating has the most effect in the longer term. Meditation is good in all kinds of areas: from strengthening your immune system, lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of various diseases to dealing with depression. And yes, it also helps you focus better.