These 7 tips help for a restful home

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These 7 tips help for a restful home

© Editors Marie Claire These 7 tips help for a restful home

It may seem impossible now that you are confined to your house to make your home a zen place. But, with these tips you can create a home where you can really recharge.

7 tips

1. A clean house is a clean head. Mountains of clothes, piles of dishes, a bed that looks like a Great Dane has made ten rounds of it and may have been hiding somewhere.… Not exactly the things that contribute to a restful place. In short: clean up, make your bed and invest in smart storage places, such as closed cupboards and beautiful boxes.

2. Keep your interior basic Choose one interior style and stick to it or mix multiple styles subtly but constantly. As for colors, choose one or two dominant colors that will make you come back and keep the rest calm and preferably in earthy tones.

3. Daylight is your friend So throw those curtains open, hang mirrors that reflect the light well and choose mostly light walls.

4. Invest in lighting A fluorescent lamp has never made anyone happy. Lighting is very atmospheric, so choose your lamps consciously. Go for soft and warm light and light a candle more often, even when you are alone.

5. Add a little life A few plants in the house already do wonders. They dress things up, provide more oxygen and improve humidity. Pets also create peace.

6. Choose fabrics carefully (Vintage) rugs, plaids and carpets; let all your fabrics be natural, comfortable and soft. If you have a noisy house, it is also good to take a thick carpet.

7. Your nose also wants what your house can smell nice, but avoid heavy incense and cheap air fresheners. Choose subtle fragrance sticks with natural scents or a good scented candle.