These are the bag trends of this fall

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These are the bag trends of this fall

© Tessa Gorgosz These are the bag trends of this fall

The most current bag trends are not exclusively focused on price or luxury. Instead, their shape, material and size speak more about what we find important. You will often see these five styles coming up next months.


The fashion world often draws inspiration from the fascination for the 'simple' French style. The net bag is one of the most popular bags of this fall. The bag embodies the casual and elegant French look in different ways.


The square shape seems quite dated compared to all the enormously diverse handbag silhouettes of the past seasons. But given that the 'old-fashioned' appearance is completely hot & happening again, it can certainly be found everywhere this fall.

Beaded bag

Once intended for special occasions, this intricate and detailed style offers something that feels special and glamorous. This bag certainly does not have to remain in the cupboard until you have a party. Combine it with a vintage pair of jeans and a thick autumn sweater.


This bag was seen everywhere last season. The popularity of the Bucket Bag will not diminish this fall. It can be combined with anything and is extremely practical. In addition, it is a nice accessory to brighten up your outfit.


This bag reminds the 50s and 60s style with its square shape and elegant handle. This classic bag was a big hit during the New York fashion week. With the traditional style you make every outfit a hit.