These are the best styling hacks for small (er) women

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These are the best styling hacks for small (er) women

© Tessa Gorgosz These are the best styling hacks for small (er) women. Although we all have to embrace our bodies, finding well-fitting clothing is sometimes difficult if you are slightly smaller than the average person. Pants are almost always too long and sweaters often fall oversized. We have therefore listed a number of tips for the smaller ladies among us. This makes it a lot easier to put together the perfect outfits.

1. Accentuate your waist where possible

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Gifted / @urbanoutfitterseu has just launched a brand called Narrated which has amazing looks that are so fab for spring / summer. I picked this top because I love the print and the detailing on the arms. I think it's safe to say we are all fans of the balloon sleeve effect ..?

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2. Wear short skirts with shoes or boots with a pointed nose

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Comin 'for ya @bulgariofficial ? < / p>

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3. Choose cropped and fitted denim

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Dressed to be blessed @lgberrio in the Marla Top

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4. Wear high waisted pants

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Mourning November ?? If I'm honest I haven't really been myself on here lately, I'd pop in on my good days to say hey and send some love; I had a few paid collaborations scheduled in so I'd also bring myself to post, without having much to say, just so you guys didn't think I had sold out and become lazy - I'm still going up and taking you along with me, sharing all my personal growth and spiritual findings to feel valid, and confident, this journey to manifest a life filled with love and success (and killer outfits). It's just that October floored me. I'm obsessed with dates and numbers, if you ever tell me your birthday, I'll probably remember it in 5 years' time (can't say the same about your name though). For the past year I would wake up with that first thought: a year ago today, he was alive. And if we're almost closing in that 1st year, it feels like a sadistic countdown about my head like the sword of Damocles. So I've just been wrapped up in sadness. Not a restful sadness though, that wouldn't be me. In my eternal quest for answers I've been obsessing about a few books (the beautiful thing about my Dad's passing has truly been the way it's connected all my past introspections, and expanded the meaning I had of life until then) fallen in love with meditation (if you know me, there was no hope there) and even had a couple of breakthroughs, and I've been crying. So much. A year ago tomorrow I was crying over loss; this year is another new in the emotional repertoire, I am now crying about the pounding sound of absence, about the acceptance that feels like giving up on the other one. Tomorrow is the end of that countdown. Somehow, I imagine that my first breath on Saturday will feel like freedom, the first day after that first year. We shall see .. and thank you for bearing with me ??. I also know that I'm going to be fine, mighty fine even, everyday I feel extremely grateful and blessed. I just felt like sharing, and it's honestly freeing! ??

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5. Go for neutral earth tones

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Unbutton up ?

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6. Go for oversized, but not for multiple layers

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God weekend venner!

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7. Invest in a long coat

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I think this look represents I've peaked in terms of true crime podcasts and have subliminally started dressing like an amateur sleuth ?????

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8. Don't underestimate low heels

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I walked into the @ office this morning wearing a dress the team were already planning to write about — psychic! Link in bio. Mund @mundigomoore #wentoutlikethis

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