These are the most common annoyances within a relationship

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These are the most common annoyances within a relationship

© Editorial Marie Claire These are the most common annoyances within a relationship

There are apparently enough irritations within relationships. This is reflected in a huge load of responses to a simple question on Reddit: "What bother you most about your partner?". No fewer than 23,000 people shared their answer within one day. A few annoyances were clearly the most obvious. Do you recognize them?

Annoying bed habits

Many Reddit users let themselves be particularly annoyed by their partner's annoying bed habits. A common example? Socks in the bedroom. For example, a number of users think it is terrible if their partner keeps his or her socks on during sex. Letting socks swing also turns out to be a real no-go.

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The household

Also as when it comes to the household, there are quite a few things that cause irritation. For example, many Reddit users are bothered by dirty dishes in the sink, dishes that remain standing for a long time and dishwashers that are not properly stored.

Personal traits

Snoring, you may not be able to do anything about it, but it is certainly annoying. A number of Reddit users also think that partners who panic through every miniscule detail are great jammers.

With one spot on one

Yet there is one annoyance that is one by one and that's snoozing. In other words: getting up again and again a little by letting the alarm go off again and again or by clicking on 'snooze'.

This is how a male user writes: "She sets the alarm clock hour early and then use the 'pause button' all the time before she gets up. This could lead to a divorce (almost, then). " Oops ...