These are the most common problems during a sex party

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These are the most common problems during a sex party

Sex is a big part of a relationship. It is a way to connect on a deeper level and to have intimacy. But it often happens that it doesn't work between partners in the sexual area. Therefore, the most common sex-related problems that everyone sometimes struggled with.

1. Different libidos

This is where one partner wants sex more often or less often than the other. This problem is common. Try to come together by talking about it.

2. Too little foreplay

Research has shown that women need an average of 18 minutes of foreplay to get excited enough for sex. Discuss what your wishes are and listen to those of your partner. Communication is very important.

3. 'Dull' sex

Challenge yourself and see together if you could possibly make some changes in your sex life. For example, look for an exciting toy or try a new position.

4. No time for it

Whether you have children, a stressful career or both, it's super easy to blame a lack of sex on a busy schedule. But this is not a matter of time, but a matter of priorities. Schedule together when you make time for each other.

5. Orgasm

It is important that you both experience the same pleasure during the intimate act. Your pleasure counts too. Together with your partner, look at how you can both reach a high point.

6. Dry

If you are dry down there, it can make sex painful. Then don't go ahead with the sex party, but indicate that you need more foreplay, for example.