These are the most instagramated cities in the world

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These are the most instagramated cities in the world

 © Shutterstock Our own capital is also coming in for

We go on holiday and take with us: our smartphone. Without an Instagram feed full of photos of paradisiacal white beaches, picturesque streets or the view from a rooftop of a metropolis, you would not have been gone. Instagram is the medium to make people jealous. Not only that, you can use it as a travel guide through all those beautiful photos. What are the most beautiful places in a certain region? Where do you have the most beautiful bays, restaurants and views? If you are in doubt between two hotels, you can of course use m.b.v. hashtags see what kind of photos the guests have shared and form your opinion based on it.

If you are thinking about a destination for a city trip, you can of course also investigate which cities appear most frequently in the hashtags. Hometogo, an independent search engine for holiday homes, did that. Their analysis revealed that these ten cities were the most popular destinations for a city trip:

1. London

2. Paris

3. Barcelona

4. Rome

5. Berlin

6. Madrid

7. Amsterdam

8. Lisbon

9. Hamburg


Source: HLN