These are the signs that you do not fit your partner

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These are the signs that you do not fit your partner

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You have probably met a couple of whom you are certain that they do not fit together and will not make it. Sometimes that is much easier to see as an outsider, while the failures of your own relationship sometimes pass you by. Therefore, try to pay attention to the following things to see if you fit with your partner.

Withholding information

The idea is that you feel that you are completely honest with can be your partner. If you often keep silent because you are afraid it might damage your relationship, it probably means that you are not a good match. If a relationship cannot survive the truth, it is probably not a stable relationship.

No support

Do you secretly hope that your partner's projects or dreams fail or does your partner hope so? you? The reason for this may be that you are afraid that the success of your partner may damage your relationship. But in a relationship you should want the best for each other and also offer support. If you are afraid that the relationship will get in the way of your goals, it is probably not wise to enter into a relationship with each other.

Personal fights

Almost all couples sometimes argue and there is really nothing wrong with that. However, it is never the intention that during these quarrels you get each other down by making personal insults. If someone in a relationship tries to break his or her partner with insults, then respect in a relationship is quickly lost. Often the problem is not that you made that insult, but that you think it is bad enough.

Lack of trust

It sounds very obvious that there is trust is needed in a relationship, but there are still enough people who do not actually trust their partner. They do not see their relationship as something natural, but as a kind of game that they must win by always outwiting their partner. Without mutual trust, you are a ticking time bomb.

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