These are the style secrets that Parisians swear by

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These are the style secrets that Parisians swear by

© Marie Claire These are the style secrets that Parisiennes swear by.

We all know that Parisiennes have a sophisticated sense of fashion. Sometimes it seems like they just pulled something out of the closet, but they still know how to rock their outfit completely. How do they manage it? The French fashion bloggers Marta from Life of Boheme, Louise from Louise Ebel Pandora and Kenza from La Revue share their tips.

The tips:

1 / Don't wear a tight outfit Marta says you should never have a completely tight outfit out of the closet to pull. "Do not wear tight pants with a tight top. Always mix and match."

2 / Take a good look at others "As a Parisienne, I like to use style tips from the iconic Brigitte Bardot. She has the right mix of sexy and femininity but also a touch of boyish. "Â

3 / Never follow the latest trends If you want to keep up with the times, you are quick to follow trends, but according to Marta you can better not. You should mix trends with your own style and the items that you already have in your wardrobe. This way you make sure that you look different from the majority of people and that you give fashion a twist.

4 / No leggingsA tight legging to the gym is allowed, but Kenza would never wear leggings under her daily outfit. "It's like wearing your pajamas, it's not very elegant."

5 / Matching outfits are a must And then the fashion girls don't talk about pants and a top with the same print, but about socks and lingerie that fit together. You should look perfectly styled from head to toe, especially for yourself.

6 / It's all about self-confidence "Parisiennes dress with elegance and self-confidence, not to be seen," said Marta. "I think that's what inspires others."

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