These arguments are very recognizable when you have been together for a long time

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These arguments are very recognizable when you have been together for a long time

© Editorial Marie Claire These quarrels are very recognizable when you have been together for a long time

The first weeks of your relationship you were completely in a bubble and you seemed to have finally found the perfect man. But after a few months, the irritations and disagreements still came up. Now, of course, no one is perfect and a fight comes in time - with a game of make-up sex as a continuation. There is a good chance that these quarrels will appear more than you know after a three-year relationship (or perhaps even earlier).

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1. The arguments about ... the meal that must be on the table in the evening. "What do you want to eat?", "You choose", "No, just say" ... Result: both are completely irritated because you are bursting with hunger, but both do not want to say what you feel like.

2. The fights over ... the dishes to be done. "I have cooked, so you do the dishes" ... That in many cases you can also do it together often seems not to be an option.

3. The fights over ... not wanting to deal with your girlfriends, while a group of men invariably come over on Friday night for a game of FIFA.

4. The quarrels about ... your group of friends at all. "He really is a d * ck", "No, she is a delicious one you want to say", so recognizable!

5. The quarrels about ... the left overs that you wanted to munch up after a long day at work, but have already ended up in the belly of my friend.

6. The fights over ... the obligatory visits to his family, which you secretly do not feel like at all.

7. The fights over ... the empty roll of toilet paper. How hard is it to hang a new one?

8. The quarrels about ... who puts the garbage on the street.

9. The quarrels about ... which Netflix series you are going to watch OR when one secretly has already started watching a number of more episodes from 'your' favorite series.

10. The fights about ... the clothing choices you make.

11. The fights over ... the filthy socks, underpants or other items of clothing that are THROUGH NEXT to the laundry basket.

12. The arguments about ... the holiday destination for the summer.

13. The quarrels about ... the eternal "But my mother said ..."

14. The quarrels about ... the bank account that gets less and less. And that would be mainly due to your shopping behavior.

15. The quarrels about ... the time you put together.