These bad habits can make your eyelashes fall out

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These bad habits can make your eyelashes fall out

© Editorial Marie Claire These bad habits can make your eyelashes stand out

One naturally has a beautiful bunch of eyelashes, the other needs the necessary layers of mascara. But no matter how you look at it, we love lashes! Yet many women don't seem to care for them that well ... As a result, they can fall out. Are you guilty of the things below?

1. You only use waterproof mascara

During the winter months you don't want your mascara to run out. And so there is a good chance that you will use waterproof mascara. But the ingredients that ensure that your mascara does not disappear from your eyelashes also ensure that your eyelashes dry out. In addition, it is difficult to remove waterproof mascara from your eyelashes, which means a lot of scrubbing and scrubbing. And that doesn't work to the advantage of your eyelashes.

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2. You remove your mascara hard

Do you not use waterproof mascara? Then you still have to be careful when cleaning your eyelashes. Choose an oil-based remover and then hold your cotton ball against your eyelashes for a while. When it's withdrawn, you just wipe it away.

3. You sleep with mascara on

That sleeping with makeup on is bad, you probably already knew that. But despite that, many women still sleep with mascara, while they do remove foundation from their faces. Don't do more! Because your eyelashes are hard, they can break faster. Especially if you rub a lot on your pillow and sleep wildly.

4. You (almost) always curl your eyelashes

It is known that you should never curl your eyelashes after applying mascara. But secretly using a eyelash curler regularly is not a good idea anyway. Can't you live without it? Then heat up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer. This means you don't have to push as hard on your eyelashes. However, check if it is not too hot. You also don't want to burn your lashes off.

5. You remove fake eyelashes in the wrong way

Some occasions just ask for killer lashes. It is only the intention that you remove them properly afterwards. It is very tempting to just pull them off, but that is anything but smart. Grab a cotton swab and apply oil-based remover on it. Then pat this on the glue edge of the lashes for a while. This loosens the glue and makes it easier for you to remove them.