These beauty problems are recognizable in the winter

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These beauty problems are recognizable in the winter

© Editor Marie Claire These beauty problems are recognizable in the winter

The ice-cold weather does us little good. Our wardrobe is now full of warm sweaters, thick winter coats and lots of thermal clothing. Also in the area of ??beauty we have to admit to the Siberian weather. These are the beauty problems that every woman recognizes during the cold days.

1. Your hair is permanently fluffy Whether it's raining, snowing or blowing, your hair is always a thingy. You do it with great reluctance to style it in the morning, because yes, that hairstyle doesn't last longer than an hour.

2. Your nose is a major irritation In the spring you have the terrible hay fever, but from the fall the runny nose comes around again. You can no longer leave the house without a bag full of tissues. And your foundation, which is everywhere at the end of the day, except on your nose.

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3. Dry skin is the enemy You can lubricate what you want, but a few hours later your skin really looks more like sandpaper.

4. You can't escape chapped lipsThe drugstores suddenly sell triple to Labello, Blistex and Vaseline, because just like dry skin we also have chapped lips. It is of course not very charming to look at a dry mouth, but unfortunately there is often little that can be done about it, smear, and even more.

5. Your razor blade is being used less and less. Some may be less happy with it, but no one has time to shave all those areas. And you don't see it under those thick sweaters and long pants.

6. What? Pedicure: Open shoes are no longer worn, so what is the use of going to the pedicure, you wonder. But as soon as spring arrives and the open shoes can be opened again, you are a little sorry that you have not taken better care of those toenails.

7. A clown nose is now part of your daily outfit. You can use as much foundation, concealer and highlighter as you want, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is your second name every winter.

8. Mascara and eyeliner are actually a no go Unless you can keep your eyes open all day long without blinking ...

9. Sometimes it's even too cold to put on makeup at all. It's a bit awkward of course, but look at it positively: your skin has time to recover from all those layers of makeup.

10. The tan spray is your best friend. It goes too far for you to go through life as a ghost.

11. In addition to warmth, scarves also give you a big click underneath your hairNeed we say more? So an hour of brushing.

12. Plenty of beauty products are being purchased again. A lighter foundation must be taken and your lipstick stash will also receive new company. And let's not forget the moisturizers and hand creams.