These dating tips are essential for all introverted men

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These dating tips are essential for all introverted men

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It's nice to stay in now and then with a good book or an exciting movie. But always alone is also so lonely. So you have to start dating. Social contact with an unknown woman, it sounds like an outright nightmare for introvert men. Even if it can have a pretty positive outcome, but don't worry, because it's easier than it seems.

Introverted dates should not last too long

Where extroverted men are Gaining energy by interacting with others, introverted individuals receive energy when they are alone. If you are going to date, make sure that the date does not last the entire day. With a few hours you can get a long way. So you do not have to do a meal, drink and film one after the other. One of these things is more than enough for a first date.

Choose an activity that already contains the entertainment

It takes the introverted fellow man a bit longer to be at ease to be with someone else. The conversations with a glass of wine or the candlelight dinner can therefore be better waited until date number three or four. Before the first meeting, it pays to organize an activity so that the heavy burden of entertainment does not fall on your shoulders. A film can offer the solution, but pooling together (accessible) or going to a museum (slightly less accessible) are also good options.

Dating in your comfort zone

When you go into that activity plans, keep it in particular what you already know and enjoy doing. This way you remove a great deal of uncertainty. So don't go to a huge festival if you know that you are uncomfortable with a whole bunch of people. Dating is mainly about having fun, it won't be fun anyway if you don't do something you can do.