These features make you attractive

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These features make you attractive

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You can do so much with your looks with beautiful clothes, perfectly styled hair and a sexy lipstick. However, certain properties are more effective than others. Attraction is largely determined by the following features:


Of course it is quite normal that you sometimes turn to someone else for help. Just as you offer help to another. However, if you can take care of yourself without the help of another, you can be proud. This can already be by being able to pay rent and cook a healthy meal for yourself. When you get things done independently, you radiate independence.


Do you accept how you are and what you look like? Then you automatically look more attractive. If you try to pretend to be different and cover certain parts of your body, you will appear less natural. Someone who pulls down their sweater all the time and tries to stand out less does not look sexy at all. Accept imperfection, because perfection doesn't exist.

Negative voice in yourself

Do you really think you are less than the rest? That you don't stand a chance because you're a bit fatter? If you keep saying that to yourself, it makes you unattractive. If someone compliments you, put it in your pocket.


All points are related to the quality that makes a person sexiest: self-confidence. So this does not mean that you place yourself above others. It comes from within and arises when you love yourself and embrace yourself. You accept your insecurities and focus on your strengths.

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