These flight attendants wear the most beautiful outfits

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These flight attendants wear the most beautiful outfits

How do you recognize an airline during your flight vacation? Of course, the colors of the aircraft, but the outfits of flight attendants are just as characteristic! Some airlines turn it into true fashion shows. According to Zoover, these are the nicest outfits of flight attendants!

The most beautiful outfits for flight attendants: Hainan Airlines

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It is of course not a competition, but when we talk about the most striking and beautiful outfits of flight attendants, you can not around Hainan Airlines. Because say for yourself: the photo above did not run straight out of a fashion magazine? A lot of thought has therefore been given. On the Hainan Airlines website we read that the so-called 'Rosy Clouds' uniforms are a combination of a traditional Chinese design with influences from the west. Society wants to radiate elegance with this. Well, she certainly succeeded! When you book a flight within Asia, for example if you travel to Thailand, you might just come across them. © Offered by Zoover flight attendants

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Stylish and recognizable: KLM

© Offered by Zoover The new outfits of KLM < There are few airlines where the outfit is as recognizable as at KLM. People all over the world know the cheerful, stewardesses who are dressed in blue and who move to and from the airport with their wheeled suitcases. Whether you go on a city trip to Rome or Marrakech, or on an intercontinental vacation to the popular vacation destination Curacao: you have the chance to spot the blue outfit everywhere. When you see them, it's often a good sign. For example, it can mean that that nice beach bed at Appartement Kunuku Aqua Resort is getting closer! Reviewer Ernest writes: 'What a nice resort. Although it is quite large, it looks familiar. "

Emirates: taken care of to the last detail

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Emirates has been mentioned and praised for years the excellent care on board. The always cheerful and stewardesses dressed in beautiful uniforms have a large share in this. With their beige outfit and red headgear, they are the ultimate calling card for society. Emirates is known for their eye for detail and that is reflected in several aspects. A flight with Emirates is therefore a good start to your holiday. Fancy a luxury trip to Dubai? With Emirates you are already in the mood. It is of course also a good place to be in Dubai. Certainly when you stay at astonishing accommodation such as Hotel Rixos Premium Dubai.

Immerse yourself in Dubai

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