These mysterious castles in Europe were cut for Halloween

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These mysterious castles in Europe were cut for Halloween

I don't know if you're celebrating Halloween, but nowadays it seems almost impossible to escape. The horribly scary holiday is gaining popularity every year. Children who take to the streets as a killer clown or Freddy Krueger to scare others. Gardens are decorated with cobwebs and skeletons. However, if you want to take this scary holiday to a higher level, go to one of these castles in Europe. Guaranteed creeps blown.

Celebrate Halloween in Tuscany, Italy

Located in Tuscany, in the province of Livorno, you will find the beautiful 16th century Castello Leopoldo. The old building exudes old charm and elegance. From this cottage you have a spectacular view over the valley and in clear weather you even look all the way to the island of Elba. When the sun disappears behind the clouds, this castle could just go on as a haunted castle. If you don't find that all exciting enough, pay a visit to the Torture Museum in San Gimignano. Extra exciting during the Halloween weekend. Do you have nerves of steel and are you not easily scared? Then the extensive exhibition on medieval instruments of torture will probably not scare you. © Offered by Zoover Media BV castle

How about a night of horror in France?

You can find Château Martinus in Aquitaine, France. This fantastic castle is the perfect backdrop for a Halloween party. Can you already see yourself sitting in the medieval dining room? Telling ghost stories for hours with a group of friends at the long wooden table, with a crackling fire in the background. Combine your trip to this castle with a visit to Bordeaux. A so-called Zombie Walk is held every year in this city. Hundreds of living dead roam the streets and they only want one thing: human blood! Escape the zombies and run into your hotel! Hotel Quality Bordeaux Center. Zoover reviewers rate accommodation with an 8 and enjoy staying there. Reviewer Frank: 'Really right in the center. Step out the door and around the corner is the shopping street and on the other corner cafes and restaurants. Still in a quiet location. "

Halloween in Liège

It seems as if you ended up in a Game of Thrones scene. In the Walloon city of Liège lies a splendor of a castle. Complete with medieval drawbridge. It doesn't get any better than this. You will find a castle less than an hour's drive from this breathtakingly cool building. Château de Jehay organizes a real witch night around Halloween. Do you dare to take a walk here?

Drive out spirits in Trier

Do you know that classic evening-filling horror film from 1973, The Exorcist? One of the most successful horror movies of its time. Wouldn't it be great to see such an expulsion with Halloween in real life? Then quickly book tickets for the DEVIL'S EXORCIST - The Spectacular Horror Experience in Trier.

The scariest railway of the country

Narrow Water Castle in Northern Ireland dates from 1680 and has countless turrets. It also serves as the perfect base for a trip to the Downpatrick and County Down railways. Connoisseurs claim that this is the scariest steam train experience in all of Northern Ireland. Take a seat and ride this train to the cemetery where the spirit of an evil witch roams.