These personalities have difficulty with relationships

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These personalities have difficulty with relationships

© Shutterstock It can be a big challenge to start a relationship with someone with one of these personalities. You have been warned!

People with the following personalities may have difficulty maintaining a successful relationship. It may be worth it to go for it anyway, but it is wise to take it into account so that you are not unexpectedly surprised.


People who use the glass seeing half full are hard to make happy. And even when they're happy, you can't tell by the way they view the world. If you are a real optimist, you may be able to balance each other. However, it is quite possible that your partner will also give you a negative view and if this makes you feel less comfortable, the relationship may perish.


Someone who is constantly working to strengthen an image on social media, is not always ideal as a partner. It is possible that they do not want a partner to love, but that they want someone to show off. They are so concerned with the appearance of a perfect relationship that your actual relationship is neglected. Moreover, the person does not only have to do this online, because people might as well become obsessed with their image in their home village.


People who live as if it were a kind of dramatic soap, can cause a lot of chaos. They often love gossip and show extreme extremes. One moment they are your very best friend and the next your greatest enemy. If your relationship goes well for a long time, they can get bored and therefore look for conflict to keep it exciting.

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