These places in a hotel are the most unsanitary

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These places in a hotel are the most unsanitary

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Have you ever wondered if your hotel room is really as spotless as it was advertised? Spotting a dust here and there is one thing, but there are stories about cleaners who just don't clean the rooms. Are these stories true? The shocking truth is yes, and it happens more often than you think.

Hotel Room

You want to choose the best hotel for your next trip, and one of the major considerations is hygiene. This guide gives you insight into where the dirtiest parts of a hotel room are located.

1. The pillowcase

When you leave a hotel, you expect the pillowcase to be changed and the next guest to have a new, clean pillowcase. This usually happens. But even in the top hotels, the cleaners are known to just whip the pillow and put it back on the bed if there are no visible stains.

2. The remote control

You are back from a day of playing the tourist and you just want to relax with a glass of wine and your favorite TV program. But think of your own cleaning routine. Do you disinfect the remote control of your TV? Most of us have to admit that we do not regularly clean the TV remote control. Well, if you don't do it regularly, chances are the hotel cleaning lady won't do it either. The small device is often overlooked.

3. The bedspread

A bedspread is a decorative blanket that ensures that the room looks 'beautiful'. But hotel staff and hidden investigations have revealed a terrible truth. The bedspread is almost never cleaned. They are only cleaned when stains start to appear. Even in top hotels, these blankets are often washed only four times a year ...

4. The glasses

Cleaning ladies will do one of the two things. They rinse the glass in the bathroom without using detergent or even hot water. Or they use a special cleaning fluid.

5. The telephone

A quick phone call to room service to ask for more food. Or a wake-up call if you are staying in a hotel for work. But did you know that the phone has three times as many germs than any other item? The telephone can sometimes have more germs than the toilet bowl. Yikes!