These upbringing errors cause poor behavior of children

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

These upbringing errors cause poor behavior of children

© Shutterstock Parents can accidentally encourage wrong behavior by making these mistakes.

Raising your children is a complicated task. Certain well-intentioned actions can turn out to be wrong behavior. So try to avoid the following three actions in particular.

To your room

Sending a child to his or her room is no longer as effective nowadays. If your child has toys, a computer, TV or telephone, it is not that bad to stay in the bedroom. It may therefore be wiser to give children time out in the kitchen or dining room for ten minutes or less. With older children you can remove specific privileges, for example that they are not allowed to use their phone for the rest of the day.

Paying more attention to wrong behavior

A child who argues will have a receive a negative reaction from the parents, but what happens if the child behaves properly? This is often less noticeable and is therefore not or insufficiently rewarded. Therefore, try to find a healthy balance between punishing negative behavior and rewarding positive behavior. Incidentally, positive behavior does not mean that the child has done anything special, but by doing what is expected, the child is already doing well.

Unclear instructions

Do not overestimate children when giving instructions. For example, don't ask them to put on their clothes, pack their bags, brush their teeth and get ready for school. These are too many instructions and children will often forget some. Especially at a young age you better leave it at one task and you can give them the next task when they are ready. Also avoid unclear instructions such as 'get ready for school', because children do not necessarily understand what that means. Specify which actions you expect.

Source: Psychology Today